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John Holland supports mental health in Sydney’s west

John Holland. Photo John Holland

John Holland is partnering with Lifeline and local community groups to boost mental health support and targeted services during the latest Sydney lockdown.

Infrastructure, construction and rail company John Holland is to partner with Lifeline and local community groups to boost mental health support and targeted services for families who are struggling during the latest Sydney lockdown.

John Holland CEO Joe Barr said the company would donate $50,000 to Lifeline and a further $50,000 to Western Sydney Community Forum to provide urgent mental health support and access to laptops and computers for isolated families.

“Western Sydney powers our nation, and the people of Western Sydney are integral to how we deliver the city-shaping infrastructure that is so vital to getting our economy back on track,” Barr said.

“More than 700 of our Sydney employees and 1,700 subcontractors are based in Western Sydney, and we recognise that this has been an incredibly hard time for them and their community.

“At a time when Lifeline is experiencing a record number of calls, it is important to me that we help them continue the critical support they provide to people who are suffering. Construction has a higher rate of suicide than any other industry, so the importance of Lifeline’s work is close to my heart.”

Lifeline Australia chair John Brogden said the “generous donation” couldn’t have come at a more important time.

“This will save lives,” Brogden said.

“The support of corporate leaders like John Holland is keeping our volunteers there for those in Western Sydney and around the country who have been pushed into crisis, our volunteers are working harder than ever to support people any time they need it.”

Western Sydney Community Forum, the region’s social development council, is to use the donation to provide technological equipment to community groups and needy families and to increase local and targeted community mental health services.

Western Sydney Community Forum CEO Billie Sankovic said as a major regional partner and employer in Western Sydney, John Holland was key to their social fabric.

“This generous donation to locally-based and trusted community organisations at the frontline and at the grassroots will boost services to safeguard mental health and provide digital access,” Sankovic said.

“This will ensure that local people get the support they need when they need it.”