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‘Intuitive’ new mobile app guides Auckland passengers

CAF AM class train Auckland. Photo: Creative Commons / Dc4444

Auckland Transport has just launched a new app to make travel in the city “easier” and “more intuitive” for passengers.

The AT Mobile app features an alert system that tells users how far away buses or train are from stops, enabling them to better judge when to leave home. The alerts can also be received on wearable devices.

A GPS location service tracks the user’s journey, which, according to Auckland Transport, makes finding unfamiliar bus stops and train stations easier to find, as notifications telling the user they have arrived at the location will be sent to their device.

Users will also receive route specific notifications, such bus stop closures or major line disruptions, along with other news and updates from Auckland Transport.

Kevin Leith, Auckland Transport’s metro customer and market group manager said the app design reflects an effort to consider passenger’ perspectives and experiences when using apps for travel.

“We spoke extensively to customers throughout the app’s development. Now it provides a simpler and more intuitive way for people to travel around the city,” Leith said.

Auckland Transport is encouraging user feedback for the development of future updates and fixes for the app, with Leith saying they want to “hear from Aucklanders about what they think we should improve and what they think we should add to the app.”

The AT Mobile app can be downloaded for both Apple and Android systems from Auckland Transport’s website.