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Inspiration from Euroa railway precinct


‘Fragments’ was the title of a recent exhibition showcasing Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) students’ visions of how the Euroa railway precinct could look in the future.

Held at Euroa’s North Eastern Hotel, the railway precinct design exhibition displayed RMIT Masters in Design student responses to the question ‘what could development of the railway precinct look like?’

Euroa Connect chairman John Simpson said the students were given free rein to create what they saw as the future of Euroa.

“The only brief we gave them was that the town had an interest in design because of the discussions about the Inland Rail project, there was no direction in what we encouraged them to do,” he said.

“There was a huge variety of concepts – there were 11 projects, each of which consisted of three or four panels.”

Simpson said the idea behind the exhibition was to stimulate discussion around the long-term future of Euroa.

“They covered everything from practical to what we might call very modernistic and we introduced the evening by asking people to think of possibilities,” he said.

“We weren’t canvassing people’s preferences, rather we wanted to extend the conversation about what might be possible and appropriate for a small regional centre.”

ARTC Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Manager Justene Cowie said the exhibition was a creative and engaging way to continue conversations within Euroa regarding the community’s aspirations of their hometown.

“I was delighted to attend the exhibition and was very impressed with the students’ work and creative aspirations for Euroa’s railway precinct,” she said.

“We know how passionate the people of Euroa are about their town and about what the future might look like, and this project is further evidence of that.’

“I am grateful to the organisers for inviting us to this wonderful evening and giving us a chance to enjoy and discuss the ideas on show.”