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Innovative solutions to prevent rail level crossing collisions and over-height bridge impacts

LSM Technologies latest innovations promises to revolutionise safety at rail level crossings and overhead bridges. 

For nearly two decades, LSM Technologies has been a leading provider of workplace OH&S, productivity, and downtime minimisation technologies. Woodford, with extensive experience in mining, construction, manufacturing, heavy road transport, and rail sectors, designs impactful safety mitigation devices for industry workplaces.

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One of their latest innovations is the LSM TrainSense®, aimed at increasing the safety of road and rail interactions. The TrainSense, Rail Level Crossing Collision Awareness/Avoidance System addresses the significant issue of vehicular collisions at level crossings.

TrainSense, is a small, puck-like device that transforms level crossing safety by reducing the impacts of human error, such as ignoring warnings or crossing barriers. It provides real-time audible and visual warnings to drivers (inside the vehicle cabin) using GPS coordinates of mapped railway level crossings. This cost-effective tool complements conventional warning devices and is small and easily attached to the vehicle’s windscreen.

Compatible with automated technologies, TrainSense, can decelerate and apply brakes if warnings are ignored, including Automatic Emergency Braking with compatible vehicles. This feature adds a layer of safety at no extra cost, with no subscription fees.

Industry support for TrainSense is strong, but further backing is needed to ensure public benefit. Woodford is optimistic about saving lives, reducing costs, and improving traffic flow with this innovative technology.

LSM TrainSense, also pairs with LSM BridgeSense, which reduces bridge impacts with over-height vehicles. Together, these devices enhance transport safety. Woodford envisions a future where all road vehicles are equipped with TrainSense and BridgeSense, drastically reducing level crossing and bridge impact incidents. He seeks support from both public and private sectors to drive growth and adoption of these transformative devices.