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Innovation implemented with Melvelle E-clip remover

Andrew Melvelle, CEO of rail equipment manufacturer and supplier Melvelle Equipment, talks with Rail Express about the company’s E-clip remover.

Melvelle Equipment’s E-clip remover comes in two models, a dual headed machine that will remove the Pandrol E or PR clips from both sides of a rail leg, and the broken clip, single sided model.

“Both units strike the clip at 1600 BPM at 63KJ while simultaneously squeezing the clip, and when the clip is ejected from the sleeper, the machine design retains the clip from flying,” Andrew Melvelle says.

Retaining the clip, instead of letting it fly, is a substantially safer option. Melvelle says a flying clip is “one of the most dangerous projectiles on a repadding or re-railing site,” and notes many gang members have unfortunately been struck and maimed by them in the past.

Another innovation, Melvelle says, is a unique, patented design to ensure clips can be removed from their housing.

“It has frustrated rail crews for years that the Pandrol E and PR clips become rusted into the housing and impossible to remove,” he says.

“Our design hammers and vibrates the clips from the sleeper while supporting the shoulder and arresting the clip once it is ejected. Even if the clip is broken, our ‘down the EYE’ version can be used to drive out the remaining pin. This pin is generally left because clips have been hit by hammers to try to remove or have been badly corroded.

“The machine is provided in our Track Pack system and can be easily paired with our other work heads to insert new clips if required.”

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