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Inland Rail Benalla station to be modified

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) has backed a modification of the Benalla station precinct in Victoria through the Inland Rail project, in line with the necessary safety and technical requirements. 

Following consultation with the community, it found there was clear support from Benalla locals for modifications, which includes realigning a portion of track at the station. 

ARTC’s Victoria and South Australia Projects General Manager Ed Walker said the decision was a win for the community following consultation over a number of years. 

“We heard that the community wanted the chance to provide feedback on the modification of the station at Benalla,” Walker said. 

“ARTC listened to the community and produced draft visual designs for this option to help the community understand what this solution may look like for the station precinct in Benalla. 

“The response we received was overwhelmingly in favour of the option that involves realigning a portion of current west track to the other side of the station. 

“ARTC will work with the Victorian Government to formalise this option through the project’s future planning approvals process. 

“Broader consultation to refine specific details will now occur, especially around the two different variations of the track realignment option – a pedestrian underpass or a pedestrian overpass. 

“We will continue to engage further with the community on refining the design elements, but ARTC can confirm the upgrade will prioritise safety and functionality through the delivery of a new platform and improved pedestrian access at Benalla Station. 

“ARTC has considered options that are feasible and met all necessary requirements – this includes a second platform as part of any realignment to support anticipated growth in the town and ensure operational requirements are met.” 

Mr Walker said ARTC remains steadfastly committed to open and transparent consultation and active engagement to understand the community’s views relating to the projects we are responsible for delivering. 

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