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Hunter train accident caused by track fault

<p>A track fault and a breakdown in communications have been blamed for a collision between a derailed coal train and a passenger train near Hexham on July 12.</p> <p>The interim report from the accident investigation found a fault with the swing nose point &#8211 which switches trains from one track to another &#8211 caused it to move while the coal train was passing over. </p> <p>This resulted in the central wagons travelling on to a different line.</p> <p>It is believed that a metal keeper plate and split pin that lock the swing nose in place were missing.</p> <p>Although warnings were radioed and logged, a problem in communications with the driver of the passenger train meant he was not aware of the obstruction and could not stop in time. </p> <p>The final report will look at this issue more fully.</p> <p>No defects were found in any of the rolling stock and the train crews were cleared of blame.</p> <p>All swing nose points in the area have been inspected and found to be working.</p> <br />