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Hope, opportunity and compassion

Transdev Australasia has set aside a minimum 200 roles across its businesses in Australia and New Zealand for those fleeing Ukraine and neighbouring warzones.

The organisation – which operates Sydney’s Light Rail network and co-maintains Wellington’s passenger train network, in addition to bus services across Australia – is offering work in all of its workplaces in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland, and Wellington.

Transdev Australasia CEO Luke Agati said it was committed to working with partners, governments, and NGOs to aid with the migration and resettling of displaced peoples.

“Across the Transdev Group, more than 1000 positions have been created for migrants affected by the crisis unfolding in Western Europe. Those who are displaced can have a place with our global community of Journey Makers,” he said.

“Regardless of migrants’ own skills and background, there is safe, long-term employment with Transdev, if they need it. We can offer training and placement in any number of roles, whether they be driving a bus, train, ferry, or light rail, maintenance or engineering, customer service, planning or in business support. We can accommodate migrants based on their skills and competencies.

“Transdev has a long and proud history of supporting those newly arriving to our shores and there is around 65 per cent of the current workforce in Australia and New Zealand whose families have migrated from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, or the Pacific Islands.

“Since 2017, we also have employed 31 individuals and supported up to 100 migrant job seekers in our Sydney Light Rail business through our longstanding partnership with the Asylum Seeker Centre at Newtown in Sydney’s Inner West. In other contracts across our region, we partner with local charities to offer employment, mobility, and financial support.

“Despite seeming far away from our shores, the consequences of war are much closer and wider-reaching than many realise. The current situation presents much devastation and despair, though we must not lose sight of hope. For those of us privileged to be sheltered from such conflicts there is a chance to positively affect and change the outcomes for many thousands of people in Ukraine.

“I encourage communities, governments and fellow businesses to join in welcoming those who have been cruelly displaced, and through support, employment and inclusion, offer every opportunity to succeed and prosper to their fullest potential.”