Health regime could cut train driver numbers: RailCorp

<p>New South Wales RailCorp introduces a new health assessment regime from today (Monday, February 2) as part its package of reforms in the wake of the Waterfall crash inquiry.</p> <p>RailCorp chief executive Vince Graham said the tougher health checks would be "likely to impact on driver numbers".</p> <p>The rail body has also decided that all Tangara trains operating on outer suburban lines will have an additional crew member, qualified to pull the emergency brake in the event of an incident.</p> <p>That move has already drawn criticism from the Rail Tram and Bus Union which said it was pointless to differentiate between the inner and outer suburban areas.</p> <p>It wants RailCorp to pull the Tangara trains off the track and upgrade safety devices to an adequate standard instead. </p> <br />