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HARTING connectors for railway connectivity

HARTING offers products and solutions for data, signal, and power transmission throughout a train.

This includes connections for critical systems like engines, HVAC, brakes, transformers, passenger information systems (PIS), doors, and train protection systems.

HARTING connectors are designed for the harsh environment of railways. They can withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and shocks, ensuring reliable operation for all train systems.


Han® HPR Compact

The HARTING Han HPR Compact connector is specifically designed for tight space installations, offering up to 25% less weight compared to the previous standard housing. It provides flexibility and expandability thanks to its extender frame, allowing for easy customisation and adaptation to your needs.


Our Han HPR HPTC connectors are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments, including mechanical impacts, water, oil, direct sunlight, and ozone. These factors can significantly affect the lifespan of connections.

The HPTC series surpasses the standard offered by Han HPR metal hoods and housings. It delivers a secure solution that meets stringent railway standards (EN 50467, EN 50124-1, EN 61373, EN 45545, EN 60137). This pluggable solution, based on HARTING’s High Pressure Railway (HPR) standard, achieves an impressive IP protection grade of up to IP69K.