Hamersley and Robe River get more co-operative

<p>Rio Tinto iron ore subsidiary Hamersley and joint venture iron ore operation Robe River will move closer together under a deal with Rio’s Japanese Rober River partners.</p> <p>Under the agreement, the existing separate structures of Hamersley and Robe will continue, but the two companies will work more closely, particularly in the common usage of port infrastructure and non-infrastructure assets.</p> <p>The deal also formalises the continued co-operation between the entities on the common usage of rail infrastructure in the Pilbara region in Western Australia.</p> <p>A spokesman for Hamersley told <em>Lloyd’s List DCN</em> that part of the deal would focus on making better use of Hamersley and Robe’s respective port facilities and infrastructure in Western Australia.</p> <p>Robe River and Hamersley will still be responsible for the management and marketing of their iron ore production, but a new entity called Pilbara Iron will manage their shared interests.</p> <p>Pilbara Iron will be responsible for operating and maintaining all of Hamersley’s and Robe’s rail, port, power and non-infrastructure assets as well as providing corporate and site services, suggesting that all such assets could be shared by both iron ore producers. </p> <br />