Grain movers want more data on NSW rail overhaul task

<p>Pacific National chief Stephen O’Donnell said the major grain handlers and transporters in New South Wales are still waiting to hear from the State Government on the condition of the track before they get involved in upgrading it. </p> <p>In a statement issued jointly by Pacific National, AWB, and GrainCorp, Mr O’Donnell said the three are committed to finding a cost-efficient path from country receival sites to the ports. </p> <p>Several weeks ago NSW transport minister Michael Costa had called for industry to get together to discuss the future of the country grain lines. </p> <p>After the meeting, the three organisations said that they need more information on axle loads, the maintenance deficit, and other data to help them direct their input best. </p> <p>"Once we receive the information we require, we can start the process of determining whether we are in a position to take a greater role in the management and restoration of the network," Mr O’Donnell said.</p> <p>However, Mr O’Donnell warned that this process is likely to take much longer than Mr Costa had suggested in his recent statements. </p> <br />