GNRS offers drought water carriage service

<p>Great Northern Rail Services has come up with a plan to ease the drought problems of Victoria’s parched north by proposing to rail water to the affected area.</p> <p>Each 40-wagon trainload could carry 2m litres of water, compared to an individual water truck’s capacity of about 7,000 litres. The comparative cost of a truck carting water would reportedly average about $90 a load, depending on the distance.</p> <p>Speaking on radio, a director of Great Northern, Paul Moore, said: "The amount of water we’re going to carry, because the economy of scale is there &#8211 cents per litre &#8211 it’s just ridiculously cheap and is going to be a very cost-effective way of shifting high quality water anywhere."</p> <p>Great Northern is waiting for a response from the Victorian Government, although premier Steve Bracks told the media: "I welcome their suggestion: I think it’s one of the things that can make a small difference and can assist."</p> <br />