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Gladstone queue back to near-record size

<p>Extra coal capacity from the port of Gladstone’s newly-commissioned shiploader cannot come online soon enough, with the port’s vessel queue blowing out to near-record highs.</p> <p>Maritime Safety Queensland reported that 28 bulk carriers were queuing for Gladstone this morning (Friday, May 25), but information on the Transport Department’s website showed 31 bulkers at anchor.</p> <p>Three of the vessels are there to load bauxite, and 25 are waiting for coal.</p> <p>The queue topped 30 in March and April but had eased to under 20. </p> <p>The Central Queensland Ports Authority (CQPA) commissioned a new coal loader for the RG Tanna Coal Terminal in April.</p> <p>The $200m loader was due to add another 10m tonnes of capacity to the terminal, with further infrastructure to take RG Tanna to 65m tonnes of capacity in the next 12 months.</p> <p>CQPA are also working towards building a development at Wiggins Island which could deliver 25mtpa of coal from 2011 and up to 70m tonnes in later years.</p> <p>CQPA chief executive Leo Zussino was unavailable for comment.</p> <p><em>Lloyd’s List DCN</em> understands that Gladstone is suffering from a shortage of inbound coal, similar to the problems experienced at the port of Hay Point.</p> <br />