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Gladstone inbound coal deliveries limited by derailment

<p>QR will limit the number of coal deliveries to the port of Gladstone until Friday (June 29) as it continues track repairs aftera derailment near the port on Sunday.</p> <p>A fully laden coal train collided with a stationary train at the Callemondah rail yard on Sunday morning, derailing 15 coal wagons and damaging 200 metres of track and overhead powerlines.</p> <p>Three wagons from the stationary train also derailed.</p> <p>It was still unclear what would be done with the more than 500 tonnes of coal that had spilled onto the tracks.</p> <p>The cause of the incident is being investigated, but QR said no-one had been injured</p> <p>QR said it was assembling all its available resources in an effort to keep the coal trainings operating while also clearing the track.</p> <p>QR coal manager Geoff Featherstone said electric and diesel-hauled coal trains were being diverted to keep the coal moving to the port.</p> <p>&#8220We are getting all available recovery staff and equipment to the site today,&#8221 Mr Featherstone said.</p> <p>&#8220This includes track and operations staff, engineers, signalling crews and overhead power technicians. </p> <p>&#8220Our priority is keeping the coal trains moving from mine to port while concurrently repairing damage at the derailment site.</p> <p>The derailment has affected both the Blackwater and Moura systems, which collectively accommodate up to 35 trains each day.</p> <p>QR expects 6-8 cancellations on its Blackwater system and 1-2 cancellations on its Moura system today.</p> <p>There is no impact on general freight and passenger services between Brisbane and Cairns.</p> <p>The damaged track is expected to be repaired tomorrow, but QR said it would limit services until Friday. </p> <br />