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General Motors station closing

<p>M>Train and the Victorian Department of Infrastructure are investigating the potential redevelopment of General Motors railway station.</p> <p>The station, on the Pakenham line, will close on July 28. </p> <p>Station patronage has fallen to 11 customers a day since the General Motors-Holden plant closed in 1991. </p> <p>The station is also considered unsafe for use, with no safe access paths to and from the station.</p> <p>M>Train is trying to ensure alternate transport arrangements exist for the few passengers who use the station.</p> <p>A new and improved station could be opened at the existing site or close by if the surrounding area is every developed with either industry or housing. </p> <p>The study will assess its potential.</p> <p>M>Train estimates $1m is needed to bring the station back to acceptable condition and this is money that can be better spent at this time on higher patronage stations.</p> <br />