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Future Parramatta light rail stabling site to be decontaminated

Infrastructure service provider Ventia has been awarded the contract to deliver the remediation works at the future site of the Parramatta light rail project’s stabling and maintenance facility at Camellia.

Beginning in July, the company will carry out works to address chemical and asbestos contamination at the proposed site on Grand Avenue.

Historically, the area was used for industrial and chemical manufacturing purposes going back to the 1930s, leading to soil and groundwater contamination.

The Camellia site will eventually be the location of the Parramatta light rail’s stabling and maintenance facility for the network’s light rail vehicles, and will also house maintenance buildings and a control centre.

Ventia’s CEO, Mike Metcalfe, said that the company’s extensive experience made it well-suited to carry out the important work.

“Ventia has successfully remediated more than 140 major environmental projects over the past 30 years,” Metcalfe said.

“We look forward to partnering with Transport for NSW on the Parramatta light rail project, ensuring the proposed light rail depot site is suitable for future commercial and industrial use.”

The remediation works will occur in two stages, with the first expected to be complete in early 2019 and the latter by the middle of 2020.

The first stage will involve the installation of an underground barrier wall around the site to prevent the movement of groundwater in and out of the site, thereby preventing wider contamination. A groundwater treatment plant will be installed at the site while the barrier is constructed.

The second portion of works will involve the installation of an integrated capping system across the surface of the site.

Liberal Party member for Parramatta Geoff Lee said that the remediation works were an “important first step” in the delivery of the light rail system.

“Managing historical contamination is essential to enable the safe construction and long-term operation of the depot and to protect the environment,” Lee said.

The works form the first of the four major contracts for the delivery of Stage 1 of the Parramatta light rail. Contracts for enabling works, infrastructure works, and the supply, operation and maintenance of the network are currently out to tender.

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