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Full steam ahead for Bowen Rail locomotives

Bowen Rail Company’s shiny new state-of-the-art locomotives and wagons are now running along the rail network as the Carmichael Mine in Central Queensland steams toward exporting its first coal.  

The trains and wagons are being tested and commissioned as part of the preparations for the mine and rail project’s maiden delivery.  

Bravus Mining and Resources CEO David Boshoff said it was a notable milestone for the whole team.  

“Our team is excited as we enter the next phase of our project, the finish line is now well and truly in sight,” he said. 

This achievement is a shared celebration between two of Adani Australia’s companies — Bowen Rail Company, which provides rail haulage operations, and Bravus Mining and Resources.  

Bowen Rail Company General Manager Brendan Lane said since being established a year ago, Bowen Rail Company had recruited its initial team and taken delivery of its first three locomotives and associated coal haulage wagons. 

“Our Bowen-based drivers have been itching to get in the driver’s seat of these state-of-the-art locomotives, which are the first of their kind out of the Caterpillar Company’s Progress Rail business in the USA,” he said.  

“Testing and commissioning of our trains and infrastructure is well and truly underway . We’re building our team and a variety of roles are available across our business and we are looking forward to more locals from the Whitsunday region joining us.”  

Once testing and commissioning is complete, the trains will regularly haul coal along the new 200km Carmichael Rail Network and then join the existing Aurizon network for the final leg to Abbot Point, where coal will be unloaded at the North Queensland Export Terminal for shipping to customers overseas.  

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