Fudging of rail access changes under fire

<p>Several major rail operators are still dissatisfied with the Australian Rail Track Corporation’s (ARTC) access plan, even though it has been changed in line with Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recommendations.</p> <p>FreightCorp, Specialized Container Transport and the new Toll&#47Patrick partnership have all raised concerns about the pricing plan, constraints on ARTC’s monopoly power and incentives to improve track performance.</p> <p>ARTC managing director David Marchant said the updated undertaking submitted at the end of January addresses most of the ACCC’s requests.</p> <p>The only two requests the ARTC has not completely complied with have been amended in recognition of the ACCC’s objectives.</p> <p>But some operators are still pushing for further revisions.</p> <p>The ACCC is expected to make a final decision next month.</p> <br />