FreightLink targets existing rail and road freight

<p>FreightLink has unveiled business and marketing aims for the start of freight operations on the Alice-Darwin Rail link.</p> <p>The company will target existing freight that travels the Adelaide- Darwin route using a combination of rail and road.</p> <p>Up to 350,000 tonnes of fuel and general products are already carried along this route, and it has the potential to increase to more than 800,000 tonnes within the first few years of operations, FreightLink said.</p> <p>Operations are scheduled to begin in mid-January 2004, following completion of the construction phase at the end of this year.</p> <p>FreightLink CEO Bruce McGowan said the company wants to ensure services are reliable and competitive from the outset to attract domestic and international competition.</p> <p>Freightlink plans to act primarily as a wholesaler of terminal-to-terminal line-haul services to major freight forwarders, which would in turn retail services to end-users.</p> <p>"We will also establish direct relationships with those customers requiring specialised equipment or services, such as the petroleum companies, mineral producers and the defence industry," Mr McGowan said. </p> <br />