FreightLink price increases days away

<p>Increased freight rates on the Adelaide-Darwin railway will take effect on Friday (October 1).</p> <p>The rates could be as high as 15%, the <em>Australian</em> claimed yesterday (Monday, September 28).</p> <p>A FreightLink spokesman declined to confirm or deny the level of the increases.</p> <p>Trucking groups are reported to be angry at the rise, which comes nine months after services started on the railway, because they say there are few truckers left on the route who can take advantage of the FreightLink decision.</p> <p>FreightLink flagged the increases in August and the then chief executive Bruce McGowan told <em>Lloyd’s List DCN</em> that they needed to reflect the different haulage tasks the railway was undertaking. </p> <p>"Rates for FreightLink services will be adjusted on October 1, in order to achieve financial targets necessary to build a sustainable rail business into the future," Mr McGowan said.</p> <p>"A price adjustment was necessary to better reflect the size, weight and destination mix of various containers carried on the service."</p> <p>He said FreightLink’s prices are cheaper than other transport modes on the corridor and the adjustment was a result of "a proper assessment of the types of freight" carried on the corridor.</p> <br />