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Freight movement model for Melbourne hailed as Australian first

<p>Research consultancy Integrated Mangement Information Systems has created a freight movement model for a major city, in this case Melbourne, and described as an Australian first with potential national application.</p> <p>A preview presentation yesterday (Wednesday, March 28) at the Victorian Transport Association conference was aimed at giving a flavour of the model’s potential, with the official unveiling some months away.</p> <p>Backed by the Victorian Department of Infrastructure, the 18-month project was designed to develop a practical and operating model of the city’s freight task &#8211 of 3.8m tonnes a day &#8211 by tracking changes in land use and commodity production, and outlining supply chain structures.</p> <p>In one finding, the model forecast increased food manufacturing and related employment moving further east to Knox.</p> <p>This raised the possibility of a clash with Government environmental policy, given creation of a &#8220green wedge&#8221 conservation area in the shire. </p> <p>Freight movement model data will be made available, subject to any commercial-in-confidence restrictions, the State Government said in its response this month to the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission’s final report on transport congestion.</p> <br />