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Freight Australia waited 15 hours to fix loco diesel leak: EPA

<p>Victoria’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has fined the former rail operator Freight Australia $5,113 for a 1,500-litre diesel leak from a locomotive at Sale in August last year.</p> <p>The T400 locomotive was part of a train en route from Melbourne to Bairnsdale.</p> <p>EPA said that despite diligence from the train’s driver &#8211 who noticed the leak and followed appropriate procedures &#8211 the train was left some 15 hours before any action was taken to stop the leak and secure the vehicle.</p> <p>"The are a number of concerns with this incident, namely the fact that the locomotive was leaking flammable fuel in an area that was not secure and that the company made a range of assumptions in relation to the status of the leak," EPA Victoria’s acting Gippsland regional manager, Dieter Melzer, said.</p> <p>"The company did not notify EPA of the spill and did not have effective procedures in place to address such incidents."</p> <p>Incorrect assumptions meant the leak continued unnecessarily, EPA said.</p> <p>Freight Australia did make a "swift and appropriate" response once it became aware of the situation, however it was unfortunate that so much time was allowed to elapse before that action, EPA said.</p> <p>The company, which has subsequently been bought by Pacific National, has 28 days to pay the fine.</p> <br />