Fortescue starts second round of environment approvals

<p>Fortesue Metals has released the environmental review of its planned Chichester Ranges mining operations and its connecting east-west rail spur for public comment. </p> <p>The company released the first part of its environmental review, covering its planned port facilities at Anderson Point in Port Hedland and the main north-south rail line from the mine site to the port. </p> <p>Fortescue said it has already acted on public submissions on the port and rail proposals. </p> <p>The latest review will end in early March, and Fortescue chief executive Andrew Forrest said the company will act promptly on relevant proposals. </p> <p>The two environmental reviews are crucial to the prompt completion of the feasibility study and a ministerial go-ahead for the $1.85bn iron ore export project. </p> <br />