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Five-train order buys time for Alstom’s Ballarat Workshops

Alstom will deliver another five of its X’Trapolis trainsets to the Metro Trains Melbourne network under a circa $95 million deal announced on Tuesday.

Alstom on July 24 said it had signed a contract with Transport for Victoria to supply an additional five X’Trapolis sets under an agreement worth approximately €60 million.

The order will grow Melbourne’s fleet of the single-deck, six-car trains to 106 sets, or 636 cars, making them the single largest fleet of single-deck passenger trains in Australia.

Mark Coxon, Alstom’s managing director in Australia and New Zealand, said the deal would secure work for the Ballarat Workshop until December 2019.

“We are pleased to supply the Victorian government a further 5 trains from our industrial base in Ballarat.” Coxon said.

“This contract will provide workload for the site between April and December 2019, while we continue to work with the State to secure the long-term future of the Ballarat Workshops and the local supply chain.”

Alstom says the trains it supplies to Melbourne have been designed to optimise capacity – the 145-metre trains can fit up to 1,238 passengers – while still maximising passenger experience, comfort and safety.

The new trains will also feature enhanced accessibility and improved automated safety features, Alstom said.

Alstom has put more than 4,600 X’Trapolis cars into service around the world in the last 10 years, in countries including Australia, Chile, Spain, South Africa and France.