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Five Rail Express magazines in 2017

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Rail Express will expand its offering in 2017 with five print editions, focusing on Women in Rail, Bulk & Freight, Urban Rail & Civil Contracting, and the AusRAIL PLUS annual conference in Brisbane.

The 2017 print schedule will include four Rail Express magazines, as well as the 6th annual Australasian Rail Directory.

All publications will be distributed throughout the year to thousands of readers in both print and digital formats. Plenty of opportunities are available for advertisers in both formats, and on our website.

Magazines will include up-to-date coverage of news and current affairs in the rail sector, and will also contain a special supplement, highlighting a key topic.


Rail Express, Issue 1; Supplement: Women in Rail

The first edition of Rail Express in 2017 will feature Women in Rail. The goal of gender equality is a key focus across all Australian and New Zealand industries, but rail lags behind many others, with women representing less than one fifth of the workforce from top to bottom. The Women in Rail feature will look at the politics, opportunities, barriers and initiatives present in the ongoing push for gender equality in the sector.


Rail Express, Issue 2; Supplement: Bulk & Freight

Hundreds of millions of tonnes of bulk and other freight is moved by rail in Australia and New Zealand every year. It is no surprise, then, that some of the great cutting-edge ideas, designs and operations come from the region. The Bulk & Freight feature, which will be included in the second issue of Rail Express in 2017, will cover the latest trends in bulk and freight rail, from operators, engineers, academics and more.


Rail Express, Issue 3; Supplement: Urban Rail & Civil Contracting

It’s almost impossible to find a major urban landscape in Australia or New Zealand that is without major ongoing or upcoming opportunities for engineers and civil contractors working in the rail space. Issue 3 of Rail Express will cover the region’s thriving urban landscapes, and the cornucopia of major and minor projects that are planned, ongoing, or recently completed in every major city.


Rail Express, Issue 4: AusRAIL Edition

To round out the year, Rail Express will return to produce its widely-read AusRAIL Edition. As the official partner magazine to AusRAIL PLUS, which takes place in Brisbane later this year, Rail Express will provide insight and analysis into the businesses, technologies and individuals on show during rail’s biggest annual event.


Australasian Rail Directory 2018

The Australasian Rail Directory, published once a year and launched at AusRAIL, is the definitive guide to who does what in the industry. In its 6th year, the directory is distributed to the project managers, engineers and decision makers across the rail sector.


To advertise in any Rail Express products, please contact Patrick Roberts at, or by calling (02) 9080 4015.