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Final designs revealed for two elevated stations in Melbourne

Final designs for two new stations elevated stations on Melbourne’s Cranbourne-Pakenham and Hurstbridge lines have been released by the Victorian government.

The revamp of the Hughesdale and Rosanna stations forms part of the government’s effort to remove dangerous level crossings across the state.

Hughesdale station is one of five stations to be rebuilt on the Cranbourne-Pakenham Line. It is to have a new location west of Poath Road, with entry close to the shopping precinct there.


Hughesdale Station design.

Community feedback has reportedly led to key changes being made to the design, which now includes a reduction in the height of the station canopy, improved layout of the station precinct at ground level, and improved lighting and security features.

Construction of the elevated station will enable the removal of the level crossing on Poath Road.

The existing Rosanna Station on the Hurstbridge Line is to close on Friday 6 October to make way for the construction of a new station that will also feature elevated platforms and improved station facilities.

The station is to be demolished in October, followed by the laying of foundations for the new building. November and December will see the beginning of more extensive construction works for the station building, including retaining walls for the lift shafts and areas for the station’s services.

Rosanna birdseye

Rosanna Station design.

The new station building, along with platforms, lifts, toilets, bike racks, concourse area, retail space, stairs and ramps, will be completed in the early months of 2018.

It is expected to re-open in March next year, after the Lower Plenty level crossing has been removed at the site.

During the closure of Rosanna Station, replacement bus services will run to Heidelberg or Macleod from designated stops to connect commuters to train services.