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Final designs for Diggers Rest level crossing removals

Final designs have been released for road bridges that will remove two dangerous level crossings and improve traffic flow and safety for locals in Melbourne’s booming north.

The removal of these two crossings will make the Sunbury Line level crossing free in 2025, improving safety, reducing congestion and allowing more trains to run more often.

By building a new road bridge over the rail line at Old Calder Highway and Watsons Road, the government will be removing 2 level crossings.

The road bridges in Diggers Rest will help boost safety for the 8000 vehicles and 27 trains that use both level crossings each weekday.

Victorian Minister for Transport Infrastructure Danny Pearson celebrated the announcement.

“Removing the two level crossings at Diggers Rest will make the Sunbury Line level crossing free, paving the way for more services, more often when the Metro Tunnel opens in 2025,” he said.

“We have removed 75 level crossings and we aren’t stopping, with 110 going by 2030, improving travel times across Melbourne and making local roads safer for drivers.”

Image/Victoria’s Big Build

The Diggers Rest Station precinct will include new, upgraded, and accessible walking paths, cycling paths and pedestrian crossings. These improvements, along with improved lighting and CCTV cameras, will ensure a safer and more connected station precinct.

Commuters can look forward to new, longer bus bays to be built to the west of Diggers Rest Station to service existing and future bus routes.

Part of this design includes new, upgraded, and accessible walking paths, cycling paths and pedestrian crossings. These upgrades will improve local access and pedestrian safety in and around Diggers Rest Station.

With the new space created, 2 new community spaces to the east and west of Diggers Rest Station will be transformed and landscaped with diverse plants and trees that add and connect with the already established plants in the area.

There will be new paved areas, seating and garden beds in these spaces.

Improved station precinct lighting and additional CCTV cameras will be installed as part of our works and commuters can look forward to a safer Diggers Rest Station precinct.

Early works will begin in mid 2024 ahead of major works later in the year, with the new bridges completed and the level crossings gone for good in 2025.

The Sunbury Line will be level crossing free in 2025, changing the way people live, work and travel. Together with the Metro Tunnel, which will connect the Sunbury Line through a new tunnel under the city, more trains will be able to run more often on the line.