Featured Exhibitor Q&A: Axiomtek

Technology firm Axiomtek will show off its range of embedded computer systems, specifically designed for the transportation industry, at AusRAIL PLUS 2017, which takes place from November 21 to 23. Rail Express spoke with Axiomtek business development manager Andrew Wan about the company’s stand at the Brisbane event.


Rex: Tell us about Axiomtek in Australia and New Zealand.

Andrew: Axiomtek has over 27 years’ experience working with local partners in various industries for different projects. As a market leader in transportation industry, we’re committed to delivering best-in-class, and state-of-art solutions to our partners, enabling them to be competitive in their market. We also plan to continue investing and developing our business for the future, to ensure our partners have in-time support.


Rex: What is Axiomtek exhibiting at AusRAIL PLUS 2017?

Andrew: We are showcasing our latest transportation-certified embedded systems (known as our tBOX systems). Specifically, we’re showing visitors the tBOX500-510-FL, and tBOX324-894-FL, our IP Surveillance scenario and a PIS system demo.

Visitors will also be able to interact with a demo kit, and our experienced sales team will be able to take them through the various features in great detail.


Rex: Who will visitors be able to meet at your stand?

Andrew: Our stand will have our Sales VP for Business Strategy, our Business Plan and Execution Details Sales Manager, and our Product Manager for Solution Scenario and Project Discussion.


Rex: Can visitors pre-book meetings at your stand?

Andrew: Absolutely, they are welcome to. I would urge anyone interested in a meeting to please send me an email, at


Rex: Will you be conducting any competitions or giveaways?

Andrew: Yes, we have prepared our transportation-related brochures for visitors to easy understand about our experience, products and solutions. Furthermore, we will be giving away many items like notebooks, pens and Bluetooth speakers at our stand.


Rex: Flipping things around for a moment: What is Axiomtek looking to achieve at AusRAIL PLUS? What are some things about the conference and exhibition you are looking forward to?

Andrew: We’re hoping to enlarge and strengthen our brand awareness and exposure in Australia, and to find more qualified partner candidates. We’d also like to generate more potential project leads and establish a good relationship with local SI/distributors during the event.


You can visit Axiomtek at Stand #592 at the AusRAIL PLUS 2017 Conference & Exhibition, which takes place in Brisbane from November 21 to 23. Find out more at