FCL pledges its support to Adelaide-Darwin rail

<p>FreightLink’s Adelaide-Darwin rail service is still a "more cost-effective" option than road transport, FCL Interstate Transport Services said today (Tuesday, March 1).</p> <p>FCL said it will continue to support FreightLink as a customer and use the rail operator’s services for all of its general and refrigerated freight across its four Northern Territory sites.</p> <p>Its commitment follows news last week that Northline would move most of its cargo back onto road.</p> <p>"I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that Northline has gone back to being a road operator," FCL managing director Bill Gibbins said. "It is what they know."</p> <p>Mr Gibbins said FCL had used rail to transport freight for more than 30 years. </p> <p>FreightLink’s decision to forgo a rate increase in April in favour of annual October reviews had encouraged FCL, he said.</p> <p>"This move allayed a lot of concerns in the marketplace," Mr Gibbins said.</p> <br />