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Extra funding to get Flinders Link over the line

A $415 million funding package to boost the South Australian economy will accelerate the delivery of some of the federal government’s $100 billion infrastructure pipeline, including the Flinders Link rail project.

An extra $16 million has been allocated towards the Flinders Link project in the funding package announced by prime minister Scott Morrison and SA premier Steven Marshall on Monday.

The total cost of the project has now increased from $125 million to $141 million, with both the federal and state governments providing an extra $8 million to the project which increases each government’s total contribution from $62.5 million to $70.5 million). The funding is immediate and is intended to enable the completion of the project on-time in late-2020.

The project consists of a 650-metre extension of the current Tonsley rail line to the Flinders Medical Centre, “creating new connections to the health, innovation and education precincts,” according to the government.

It includes construction of a new Flinders Station and removal of the existing Tonsley Station, as well as an elevated single track over Sturt Road, Laffers Triangle and Main South Road, and Flinders University to the passenger rail network.