Export info on web

<p>Information on rail export and investment opportunities is now available on Austrade’s website.</p> <p>Australian rail businesses interested in selling goods and services overseas can use the site to gather information about key markets.</p> <p>It contains information about business opportunities in Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.</p> <p>The website details each country’s major products and services, characteristics and trends, major projects, industry standards, tariffs, quotas and regulations.</p> <p>It also has information on market entry strategies, marketing tips, how Austrade can help, industry news and information on other service providers.</p> <p>Austrade e-commerce manager Helen Monro said: &#8220The information available on the website is the very latest market intelligence produced by Austrade staff we have on the ground in 60 countries around the world. </p> <p>"It makes available information for free that could take an individual considerable time and money to collect.&#8221</p> <p>The website is at</p> <br />