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Effective Noise Control Directly at the Track

Making metros and trains even quieter is crucial for the transport transition—and can be achieved with rail dampers. Schrey & Veit Australia offers tailor-made and maintenance-free solutions that often make high, obstructive noise barriers unnecessary.

Schrey & Veit is the global market leader in this field and is very successful in Europe, Asia, America, and in Australia.

In its home market — the company is based near Frankfurt (Germany) — a noise report by Stadtwerke München has once again confirmed the high effectiveness of the rail dampers.

The result of the report is clear and certifies the rail web dampers with “significant effectiveness” in terms of noise control, especially compared to other solutions. Schrey & Veit Managing Director Karl-Stephan Schneider said: “We are very pleased that the effectiveness of our rail dampers, which are already installed on many tracks worldwide, has once again been proven here.”

Preventing noise is the working principle of Schrey & Veit’s VICON AMSA rail dampers. “The damper is mounted between the sleepers directly on the rail. When a train sets the rail into vibration, it reduces the movements and thus the radiated noise. So we reduce the noise directly at the source,” Schneider said.

Image/Schrey & Veit

Additionally, the product is extremely durable, maintenance-free and thus without any life-cycle costs, certified, fire-tested and does not impede track maintenance. The technology does not obstruct the view over the track, and can be installed by Schrey & Veit during ongoing operations if desired. Combinations with measures such as low noise barriers are also possible.

The company itself is the world market leader in the field of noise damping systems for rails and also wheels and now also has a branch in Australia.

“The individual design of the VICON AMSA rail dampers enables worldwide use on conventional ballast tracks as well as on slab tracks, which are used on high-speed lines,” he said.

“There is a lot happening in Australia right now, which is very impressive. We want to contribute our part here. Our solutions are proven worldwide, homologated, remarkably simple, uncomplicated, and cost-effective. Therefore, we are very pleased about the first orders from  major cities in Australia.”

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