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Eden Hills carpark to reopen on ARTC land

Eden Hills residents are to regain access to Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) land, after collaborative efforts from multiple parties to once again allow the space to be used as a carpark.

ARTC had been required to close the space adjacent to rail line on Willora Road in Eden Hills after it was deemed a risk to passing trains.

Since then, the City of Mitcham has worked with ARTC and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) in order to re-open the space.

Jamie Threader from ARTC said that under the agreement the land would be leased to the Council, who will manage the new carpark.

“ARTC will fund the installation of a new fence to help keep the community safe,” Mr Threader said.

Glenn Spear, City of Mitcham’s mayor, noted that the space had to be prepared to make it safer, as it had previously been used heavily by train commuters and parents accessing the local primary school.

“We have agreed to fund the cost of preparing the site and laying a rubble surface, making it easier for all vehicles to access it,” he said.

To improve the safety of the space, the DPTI will fund a bitumen entrance in another location, as well as vegetation removal and a concrete kerb.

Construction works are reportedly underway and are expected to be complete by July.