Dynon rail facility will get third-party access: PN

<p>Pacific National has refuted claims that competitors will not be able to gain access to the Melbourne’s Dynon Rail terminal.</p> <p>The company, which inherited track and terminal infrastructure when it bought the former Freight Australia business in September, said it is working with the Victorian Government to increase space at the terminal, <em>The Age</em> reports.</p> <p>Pacific National’s commercial general manager, Robert Jeremy, told the paper that competitors Linfox and QR were wrong to claim that its role as Victoria’s country broad-gauge track operator would prevent others from running trains.</p> <p>"There is some spare capacity at Dynon for trains," Mr Jeremy said.</p> <p>"When we bought Freight Australia last year, we agreed with the Victorian Government that we would make available the spare capacity of 50,000 containers to other rail operators."</p> <p>QR has not responded to offers for the 50,000 containers, he said.</p> <p>But QR said it is still awaiting a Pacific National response to a request for track access.</p> <br />