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DT Infrastructure Awarded Contract for Konnongorring Rail Project

DT Infrastructure has announced its selection to construct a rail siding facility for CBH Group in Konnongorring, Western Australia.

The contract encompasses a comprehensive scope of works that will enhance the region’s freight network to meet present and future demands.

At Konnongorring, the new rail siding will help transform the site from being a predominately road transport site to a rail and road site, taking trucks off the road.

Currently it takes around 14 hours to load a 52-wagon train using existing infrastructure at Konnongorring; with the siding and future facility construction works, this time will be reduced to approximately four hours.

Scheduled to commence in April 2024, DT Infrastructure will oversee the construction of the rail siding extension and rapid loading facility. The project scope includes the construction of a 52-wagon rail siding spanning more than a kilometre, as well as the removal and replacement of existing track structures and turnouts.

DT Infrastructure will install two turnouts and catchpoints to seamlessly link the mainline with the new rail loading facility. This future facility will house two new 1,500-tonne Over Rail Bins (ORB), revolutionising grain loading operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

The civil component of the project encompasses, surveying, earthworks, foundation preparation (including piling works), concrete works, drainage works, rail and pavement construction.

General Manager Cormac Brady said DT Infrastructure is honoured to be part of the Konnongorring Rail Project, a significant opportunity to deliver essential infrastructure for Western Australia’s wheat belt.

“We look forward to collaborating with CBH Group and stakeholders to ensure the successful completion of this project, enabling smoother operations and enhancing the region’s agricultural supply chain,” Cormac said.

This project marks one of eleven rail siding upgrades outlined in package one of the Western Australian Government’s $200 million Agricultural Supply Chain Improvement (ASCI) program in conjunction with CBH.