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DP World warns against Melbourne dredging delay

<p>DP World has echoed logistics expert Pieter Nagel in emphasising that Melbourne needs all the transport infrastructure improvements it can get, especially channel deepening.</p> <p>The company said on Friday (February 1) that proposed developments at Webb Dock and Hastings, while planned for the future, should not distract focus from the importance of completing the channel-deepening project and maximising the potential capacity of the existing infrastructure at Swanson Dock. </p> <p>The comments came two days after Dr Nagel, director of Victoria University’s Institute for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, argued for more clarity in viewing the three projects.</p> <p>&#8220Immediate plans to dredge the entry to the Port of Melbourne and future proposals to relocate Melbourne’s port facilities to Western Port are two separate issues,&#8221 Dr Nagel said.</p> <p>&#8220It is not a matter of either or, rather these are better seen as complimentary developments as has happened in many ports throughout the world."</p> <p>DP World expressed disappointment at the latest delays which, if continued, would have a significant cost to the economy and leave Australia with 20th century infrastructure unable to accommodate present and future needs for international shipping trade. </p> <p>DP World Australia managing director Jack Williams said international shipping companies were deploying ever-larger ships on the Australian trade route. </p> <p>Without deepening of the channel, Port Phillip Bay would not be able to accommodate these vessels and this would restrict the ability of the shipping lines to introduce larger and more efficient vessels at all of Australia’s container ports, he said. </p> <p>&#8220The end result is the newest ships will not come. In relative terms smaller ships are inefficient and will significantly drive up costs for Australian importers and exporters,&#8220 Mr Williams said.</p> <br />