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Downer RTS Digital partners to optimise maintenance

RTS Digital is the digital services business of Downer Rail and Transit Systems (RTS). Downer are the leading provider of rollingstock asset management services in Australia, with RTS Digital its digital consulting, software and services are powered by Downer’s cutting-edge TrainDNA platform.

Downer RTS Digital values strategic partnerships. It has 15 years’ experience in digital asset management capabilities, and its partners assist in providing the underlying technology.

Partnering with digital leaders

As Downer expands and takes RTS Digital’s products and solutions into new markets, the importance of good partnerships is key. RTS Digital’s strong partnerships are underpinned by innovative thought leadership, ensuring we match the right digital tool for the right job and customer.

In a digital driven world, it is imperative to not just have a multitude of partners, but to choose the right ones to drive value and provide a technical capability to support customer success. Products and solutions often become irrelevant far too soon. Through specialist partnerships, RTS Digital is able to utilise new technologies as they become available.

A simple example of this is TrainBrain, that sits under the compnies Asset Intelligence module.

It is a web-app built by Downer that uses generative AI to provide domain knowledge and engineering-specific answers to operational staff to aid in immediate decision-making.  RTS Digital provides the asset management knowledge to set this up, and our partners provide the underlying technology.

Effective Partnerships

RTS Digital’s strategic partnerships include Danburykline (DK), IBM, Future Maintenance Technologies (FMT), EKE and recently STRIDES.

As part of its Maintenance Management module, RTS Digital’s partnership with Danburykline enables the TrainDNA platform to become a mobile first, cloud hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) digital capability allowing us to digitise all aspects of rollingstock maintenance.

Under the Operational Intelligence module, Downer and STRIDES have partnered to bring together and provide an unparalleled end-to-end Operations and Maintenance solution for customers.

Deputy CEO of SMRT Corporation Ltd and President at STRIDES International and Engineering, Lee Ling Wee, spoke about the importance of the partnership.

“We are proud to announce our partnership with Downer as we unite to pioneer a new standard in operations and maintenance to deliver enhanced commuter experiences,” he said.

“Through the synergy of advanced technology and AI, we offer end-to-end solutions to ensure safety, reliability and customer satisfaction.”

Leading innovation and technology within the Robotics and Automation module have enabled RTS Digital and Future Maintenance Technology (FMT) to partner and deliver an autonomous robotic inspection capability that can be implemented in existing depots without requiring modifications.

Measurement and visual-based inspection can be automated, revolutionising the efficiency and accuracy of maintenance processes. Downer RTS Digital and FMT recently won the 2024 Innovation category at the Australian Asset Management Awards.

Downer and IBM have a long-standing partnership and have focussed on developing capabilities in sustainability reporting and energy optimisation. Jointly winning the sustainability category at the 2023 ISG Paragon Awards.

RTS Digital brings together digital asset management expertise alongside partner supported technology to allow complex customer problems to be solved simply and quickly, one at a time.