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Dispute-bound grain ships divert to unload in Kuwait

<p>Two partially-discharged grainships caught in a contamination dispute between Iraq and the Australian heat Board have diverted to Kuwait to finish unloading, while three more laden ships are still waiting off the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr.</p> <p>The dispute over contamination by iron filings erupted earlier this month, but the AWB now needs the ships for other shipments and has completed discharge in Kuwait where 8,000 tonnes of wheat will be put into storage.</p> <p>The Federal Government says it is concerned that the dispute is still unresolved despite assurances on the quality of the grain. </p> <p>Former AWB chairman Trevor Flugge, also an advisor to Iraq on agricultural matters, said earlier that Iraq was being pressured to buy US wheat over Australian product. </p> <br />