Direct rail haul resumes to MIST terminal at Minto

<p>Direct rail services have now resumed into Macarthur Intermodal Shipping Terminal at Minto in Sydney’s southwest. </p> <p>Lachlan Valley Railway yesterday (Monday, 29 September) signed off on a rail access agreement with Pacific National, which owns the siding at MIST. </p> <p>Lachlan Valley Railway will operate a similar schedule to Pacific National, with two arrivals and departures a day, morning and evening, one each connecting MIST with P&#38O Ports and Patrick at Port Botany. </p> <p>The Lachlan Valley Railway service also has the potential to increase capacity up to 48 teu per train. </p> <p>Pacific National had provided rail haul to MIST up until the week before last, but withdrew saying that it was unable to reach a new pricing agreement with MIST. </p> <p>The terminal side of the MIST operation is owned by Bowport Allroads. </p> <br />