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Digital technologies transforming conservative rail sector

Siemens Mobility’s Vice President of Data Services Gerhard Kress will discuss the challenges faced by rail during its digital transformation, as part of a cross-industry panel at a Brisbane event in July.

Kress has been added to a cross-industry panel of experts who will discuss the potential of artificial intelligence, data analytics and insights at the Siemens’ Digatilize 2019 conference in Brisbane on July 2.

“Digital technologies, especially the smart use of data, is transforming what has so far been a conservative rail industry,” Kress said ahead of the event.

“For rail and other industries, digitalization is not an option. There is no alternative to implementing such technologies and embracing the changes.

“However, there are challenges to this transition. From finding people with the right digital skills to changing the way a rail operator does business by leveraging the digital technologies and data analytics to offer better services to customers and passengers.

“I’m looking forward to visiting Brisbane for Digitalize 2019 where I can share my experience implementing digital technologies globally and discuss how we can together overcome the challenges ahead.”

A prolific global speaker on Internet of Things (IoT), Kress was responsible for starting Siemens’ data services team in 2014 in Germany and growing it into a world-renowned new business model of MindSphere Application Centres that collect and analyse big data in over 60 countries, including Australia.

While his current focus is on machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts in rail and rail infrastructure, Kress has extensive background in other industrial process sectors and data-centric IT strategies.

Kress started his professional career in McKinsey & Company, where he focused on growth initiatives and high-tech industries. He holds a German diploma in Theoretical Physics and a Master of Arts in International Relations and European Studies.

Before his time in data services, he worked in Siemens Corporate Technology as well as Siemens Corporate Strategy and was responsible for the corporate big data initiative “Smart Data to Business”.

Kress is added to a list of key speakers also including Michelle Price, CEO of AustCyber, Kevin Kehl from Powerlink, Grant Statton from FKG, Will Shrapnel, CEO of Helimods, and Martin Powell, Head of Urban Development at Siemens – formerly the Deputy Mayor of London for Energy & Environment.

Themed ‘Unlock the Potential’, the full-day conference will feature a line-up of global and local industry experts engaging in keynote sessions and panel discussions around how Australian businesses across various sectors can unlock their potential with the use of digitalization. The discussions will centre around four sub-themes of Industry 4.0, Intelligent Infrastructure, Australia’s Energy Transition and Workforce of the Future.

More information is available here.

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