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Brisbane, QLD

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Stock Number RP-226
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"Padfoot Shell Kit To Suit Bomag 10-15T Rollers

The Shell Kit is one of the most beneficial products for any smooth drum self-propelled vibratory roller. Our shell kits are made in our Brisbane workshop and are constructed out of a high wearing material to stand the harshest conditions, our specialised welding methods make our products long lasting and crack resistant. Every Roller Parts Pad foot Shell Kit comes with optional 2 or 3 Segments of shells, a scraper bar, mounting kit and optional Smooth Scrapers if needed. All conveniently packed on one steel skid. We can send these Pad Foot Shell Kits anywhere worldwide.

Shell Kits offer the advantage of turning your machine from a smooth drum roller into a soil compactor, this significantly lowers operational cost by creating a dual-purpose machine.

All of our Padfoot Shell Kits are designed to meet your needs. We offer extra protection with tungsten coating, hard facing and QT450 grade wear caps to extend the life on your shell kit.

We also offer Smooth Scrapers as an optional extra, after using your shell kit and you are needing to change back to a smooth drum we have designed the scraper bar so it is easy to convert back to a smooth scraper system. All you have to do is unbolt your padfoot scraper tynes and bolt up your smooth scrapers, no more changing complete scraper bar assemblys.

The Bomag Shell Kit Includes

3 Segment Shells
2 Under Chassis Scraper Bars
Bolt Kit
We make Shell Kits For Any Rollers


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