Derailment on Alice-Darwin track.

<p>Four cars have derailed on a 55-carriage ballast train on a new section of the soon-to-be-completed Alice Springs-Darwin rail line.</p> <p>The derailment was on Saturday, January 25, near Newcastle Waters, about 340 km south of Katherine, when the final four carriages on the northbound train left the track. </p> <p>It is believed about 200 tonnes of ballast was spilt from three of the four carriages.</p> <p>Adrail spokesman Duncan Beggs said the track was damaged but it was not expected to affect ongoing work.</p> <p>"It won’t delay the scheduled completion of the track at all," he told <em>Rail Express</em> . </p> <p>The cause of the incident is not yet known.</p> <p>Holiday packages on the <em>Ghan</em> to Darwin are now being marketed on TV in preparation for the opening of the line.</p> <br />