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Defence equipment takes train to Darwin

<p>FreightLink has begun hauling the largest consignment of military equipment to be moved on rail for more than 20 years.</p> <p>More than 200 vehicles plus missile systems and radar equipment are being delivered from Adelaide to Darwin in two trains of 57 carriages.</p> <p>The equipment was loaded yesterday (Monday, July 12) and will be used in military exercises later this month.</p> <p>It is the second deployment of military equipment on the railway, after a consignment of 35 armoured vehicles that was hauled between Darwin and Port Augusta in March.</p> <p>FreightLink CEO Bruce McGowan said his company had worked closely with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to prove the capacity of the railway.</p> <p>"This process has involved logistics planning in conjunction with the regiment and again displays the capability of the new railway link to facilitate transport of large quantities of equipment in all weather conditions between southern and northern Australia," Mr McGowan said.</p> <p>FreightLink is optimistic that regular military freight activity can be established. </p> <br />