Defective Millennium trains rushed into service: NSW opposition

<p>Millennium trains were put into service with up to 300 defects a carriage in the period leading up to the New South Wales election, the <em>Sydney Morning Herald</em> claimed this morning (Tuesday, August 19).</p> <p>The <em>Herald</em> said a Bovis Lend Lease report compiled for StateRail in March said it understood there were "up to 300 unresolved defects on cars entering service".</p> <p>However, the report noted that as more cars were produced the number of defects dropped.</p> <p>The NSW opposition is now claiming the State Government pressured manufacturer EDI Rail into delivering defective trains before the election.</p> <p>The <em>Herald</em> quoted a NSW Government spokesman as saying StateRail alone made the decision to accept the trains. </p> <br />