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Decision coming on rail line to Western Sydney Airport

Airport. Photo: Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

The Federal Government will clarify its position on a rail line to the planned Western Sydney Airport in the next few months, urban infrastructure minister Paul Fletcher has told a Parramatta gathering.

Fletcher spoke at a Western Sydney development conference late last week, and said rail would be a key part of the future Western Sydney Airport.

The Government announced a $5.3 billion equity investment to build Sydney’s second major airport in the last Budget. Despite saying the airport will be built for a future rail development, the Government has faced strong pressure from local representatives, the Labor Party, and the Greens, to ensure a rail line is operational from day one of the project.

Fletcher said while the airport was still being developed to be “rail ready”, the Government is still looking into its options.

“We … recognise the role that rail will play in the long term development of the airport and Western Sydney,” he told the Parramatta conference.

“This is why the Turnbull Government and Berejiklian Government are jointly conducting a scoping study on the rail needs of Western Sydney and Western Sydney Airport.

“This work is asking the question: what is the right route, when should it be built, how much will it cost and how should it be funded?

“The study is close to completion and I anticipate the two governments will have more to say about its findings in coming months.”


  1. Hi All,
    A Future Airport is One Thing. Transit to Big Projects Like Airports, Stadiums or what Ever Has to B Included in the Project Like it or Not To Say NO and Use it as an Afterthought only Shows Deliberate Poor Planning on Part of the Federal Gvmnt To Leave IT to the State Gvmnt to Have to Put the Project on the Lap of the Tax Payers Leaves These Projects in Political Limbo because the Projects are Subject Gvmnts Passing the Bucks and Ducking Responsibilities and Throwing in Lots of Red Tape to Get Out of Projects that COST More Money Later if they Ever Get Built. The Federal Gvmnt Kissing Ass to the Road Lobby is NO Help Either When Rail is a Cheaper Alternate for the Tax Payer’s Dime.

  2. If the Badgery Creek airport is needed for domestic, or international travel, there needs to be a way that passengers can transfer from this airport, to Mascot/Kinsford-Smith for other flights. Both the existing airports have rail access (and there is no surcharge for transfers). Rail is the only way to avoid the road congestion. An extension from Leppington needs to be built as part of the airport construction, and be funded accordingly. Other discussions on whether you run a light rail link to Parramatta, or a heavy rail link to St Mary’s, (or similiar) can be built after the airport is operational, although reservation of rail corridors is important now.

  3. Hi Andrew
    You only use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence or for a proper name not on every word.