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CRONOSflex: decentralised, modular rail testing solution


Bestech Australia supplies the imc CRONOSflex data acquisition systems to support measurement in rail testing, offering a high degree of flexibility to suit benchtop and mobile testing environments.

Complete measurement systems can be built by connecting one or multiple CRONOSflex modules to a base unit via a click mechanism, which connects each module mechanically and electrically.

Therefore, engineers have the flexibility to build a system with an exact number of channels they need. There is no need for cables, mainframe rack or expansion chassis, should more measurement modules are required.

The imc CRONOSflex system is ideal for off-site testing as it can operate without PC with its intelligent power supply, offering reliable operation and data integrity.

It is built to withstand operation in any weather condition and a harsh industrial environment.

Engineers can save analysis time by utilising the real-time calculation and data reduction capability from the system.

In addition, the imc CRONOSflex system is designed for decentralised and distributed measurement applications.

Data collection and synchronization via the EtherCAT can be accomplished without having the input modules installed in the mainframe chassis.

Each module can be daisy-chained and distributed up to 100m away via noise-free standard Ethernet cable. For example, this is suitable for measurement in electrically noisy environment such as in test cells or electric vehicle testing.

Key features:

  • Aggregate sampling rate of 2000kHz (100kHz per channel)
  • Digital I/O, analog output and control
  • GPS connectivity
  • Onboard data storage and real-time signal processing

For more information, contact www.bestech.com.au