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Crews closing in on new stations, track, roads from Cheltenham to Mentone


Crews are over halfway to completing the largest ever level crossing removal blitz in Victoria.

Since May 23, up to 1,700 people have worked to remove three level crossings and construct two new stations between Cheltenham and Mentone. On 24-hour shifts, the crews are over halfway through the 64 day construction blitz before trains return to the Frankston line on Monday, July 27.

The concerted work effort has required a phalanx of machinery and equipment, with 180 large pieces of plant and the largest mobile crane in Australia deployed to the project, coming in at 750 tonnes.

200,000 cubic metres of soil have been removed from the worksites, with 50 trucks carrying away the spoil every hour. Other materials required include over 6,800 tonnes of steel reinforcing and 15,000 cubic metres of concrete.

Work has begun on laying the 25,000 tonnes of ballast needed for the new rail tracks, as well as the start of signalling and overhead wire works. Concurrently, trench walls are being reinforced and stations buildings are platforms are in the process of being constructed.

As of late June, 480 tonnes of rail and over 20km of overhead wiring are still to be brought on site.

New stations are only a month away, with Mentone Station scheduled to open on Friday, August 3, and Cheltenham Station on Friday, August 17.

The intersection of Talbot Crescent and Toorak Road has been reopened. This intersection was closed to make way for the Toorak Road level crossing removal and was moved west of the rail bridge, aligned with a new pedestrian crossing across Toorak Road.

Landscaping is currently continuing, while play and exercise equipment is now open. Nearby traffic lights have been synchronised to allow pedestrians to cross safely and cyclists to cross without dismounting. The signals will also improve traffic flow.