Safety, Standards & Regulation

COVID lockdown halts CRL construction work


Construction workers at all City Rail Link (CRL) project sites have downed tools in the wake of the snap COVID-19 lockdown in New Zealand. 

CRL Ltd chief executive Sean Sweeney said work would stop  immediately for a minimum of seven days.  

“Our immediate priority is ensuring the safety of our people and the security of our sites,” he said.   

“Our construction sites look very different now compared with the lockdown periods last year – we are using a lot of heavy machinery to build the stations and tunnels.  

“We will make sure that appropriate measures are put in place to keep each site and the surrounding areas safe for our teams and for our neighbours.”  

Sweeney said many project staff are still able to continue working from home and would do so as the shutdown continues.  

A small number of people will also remain at CRL sites to inspect and maintain structures, plant and equipment to ensure the safety and security of the works.  

“We are doing everything we can to ensure that we are well placed to come out of the blocks very fast when the restart call is given,” Sweeney said.