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Contract signed for 9 more X’Trapolis trains

Rollingstock manufacturer Alstom has announced the signing of a $137 million contract to supply nine more X’Trapolis trainsets for Melbourne Metro.

The deal between Alstom and the Victorian Government was awarded late last year, but was finalized this week.

The additional metro trains will add to Melbourne’s existing fleet of 92 trains, giving the suburban network a total of 101 X’Trapolis trainsets, for a grand total of 606 cars, by the end of 2018.

Alstom noted the order also coincides with the 100th anniversary of the company’s Ballarat site.

The Ballarat workshops were opened by Victorian Railways in April 1917, in response to calls for the decentralisation of railway manufacturing in the state.

The workshops were acquired by Alstom in 1999.

Alstom says its X’Trapolis trains have proven to be the most reliable on the Melbourne network.

Composed of six cars, the 145-metre X’Trapolis was designed – Alstom says – to optimise capacity while still maximising passenger experience, comfort and safety.

The trains have a listed capacity of 1,446.

“We are proud to have been trusted by the Victorian government to supply a further 9 trains from our industrial base in Ballarat,” Alstom’s managing director in Australia and New Zealand Mark Coxon said.

“This will guarantee regional jobs, training and investment and ensure ongoing support to Alstom’s extensive network of local suppliers.

“These new trains will provide additional transport capacity to the residents of Melbourne’s area and allow them to commute on-board a reliable, comfortable and environmental-friendly mode of transport.”

Over the last 10 years, Alstom has also delivered its X’Trapolis model trainsets to operations in Chile, Spain, South Africa and France.

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